GCH CH Caradoc’s Vali Singin’ In The Rain

(GCH CH Bjarkarkots Hroi Hottur Luke MX, AXJ, MXP, MJP, OF X GCH CH McEremon’s Rose Garden CGC)

My first Icie, “Rain” won her AKC Champion title in 2015 and her AKC Grand Champion title in 2018. She is lovely inside and out … intelligent, willing, sound, outgoing, friendly and loving.

Rain proved to be as exceptional in the whelping box as she is at everything else she does! Her first litter of 6, born in 2019 was full of pretty, sweet-tempered, smart-as-a-whip puppies. An easy whelper, a natural mother, and an instinctive teacher, Rain is everything I could have asked for in a foundation dam.

Rain exemplifies everything that makes an Icelandic Sheepdog so extraordinary!

This story sort of sums up my experience with my girl Rain: At just 4 months of age, puppy Rain and I walked into an AKC Sanctioned Puppy Match cold, “just to watch”. The organizers of the match encouraged me to enter, but since she had minimal training, no grooming, and was still damp from a bath, I was hesitant. My goal was just to get her used to the sights and sounds of a dog show, and to introduce her to the scene gradually. LOL! She walked into the ring like she owned it, and at 4 months of age, won BEST PUPPY IN MATCH with the confidence of a true diva. That’s been Rain from the beginning. She is ready and willing, takes everything in stride. Brilliantly intelligent and supremely confident … she OWNS! At just 7 months of age she went BEST OF BREED over multiple Specials (Champions), and finished her AKC Championship at the tender age of 1. With VERY limited showing, Rain won her Grand Champion title by age 4. Rain is ready for her close-up now, Mr. DeMille.

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