You Get Out What You Put In

Read the statement above carefully.

This is absolutely true as regards how happy you, your family and your new puppy are together. Your new puppy is a baby, and like all babies, needs more than just “baby-sitting.”

Your new puppy needs individual attention, close interaction with people, physical and mental stimulation, socialization, firm discipline and consistent training.

Love and affection in abundance, of course, are absolute necessities!

When your puppy is an adult . . . whether he or she is well-liked and well-behaved is totally and completely a reflection of the time and work you put in with him.

All of us get caught up in our daily pursuits of work, friends, family commitments, etc. But what a puppy needs more than anything else is the one thing we seem to have little of: TIME.

My instructions, for the mutual benefit of you and your new puppy, are to take TIME . . .

TIME . . . to play with your puppy individually! Spend time, just the two of you, to share experiences and personal affection.

TIME . . . to teach your puppy good manners! Take your puppy to obedience class and help your puppy learn how to become a well-behaved dog, welcome everywhere.

TIME . . . to use patient, firm and consistent training regarding household rules and housebreaking!

TIME . . . to well socialize your puppy, visiting different places and meeting different people!

TIME . . . to keep your puppy clean and well-groomed, a healthy and lovely example of the breed that turns heads wherever you go together!

Follow the instructions above, and you will be much happier with the end result:

A lovely and admired Icelandic Sheepdog, well-behaved, obedient, loved by his family, loving in return, and welcome everywhere.